The CA40/75/75 S/SEA are powerful three-phase vacuum cleaners with the turbine installed in a rear compartment. Their considerable size does not facilitate movements so they are best suited to environments where they can be used in a fixed position.

They have been designed with a particularly sturdy frame that makes them remarkably solid. Due to the cyclonic effect, the material sucked in tends to deposit on the bottom of the container, with the finest dust particles in the mixture settling on the filtering surface that holds them back.
Despite having the same power characteristics, CA75 and CA75 S are targeted at different types of use; in particular, model CA75 favours the air flow so accessories with a large diameter can be used on it, while model CA75 S has a notable depression so it is ideal for especially heavy-duty residues.
The SEA versions have the same performance levels and characteristics as the normal models, but with the addition of a special filter cleaning system. With the automatic electric filter shaker they can operate in 2 modes:
Automatic mode: After every 20 minutes of uninterrupted operation, the device stops automatically and a 20-second cleaning cycle begins. When the cycle has ended, the device will restart automatically.
Manual mode: With the turbine operating, press the filter-emptier button to interrupt turbine operation and begin a 20-second filter cleaning cycle. When the cycle has ended, the turbine will restart automatically.


Access to the filter for checks or replacement is very simple. This same simplicity also applies to motor maintenance. For the operator, this means better use of the time spent on cleaning operations, with greater productivity.
These vacuum cleaners can also be easily equipped with a mechanical float to guarantee optimal functioning when removing liquids.
The automatic electric filter shaker (SEA versions) keeps the filter perfectly efficient and allows you to work without any interruptions or waste of time.
The possibility to install numerous accessories makes these vacuum cleaners extremely versatile and therefore suitable for various applications (even the simultaneous removal of both dust and liquids)
The notable filtering surface (2 sqm) and air flow rate allow you to work even where there is a lot of dust
The filter has an above average life-span thanks to the cyclone separator and the tangential inlet
The cyclone separator allows both solids and liquids to be efficiently removed
Version 75 S offers the possibility for 2 operators to work simultaneously. In this way, work times are halved so productivity levels automatically double
These vacuum cleaners can be used for heavy-duty suction and guarantee an excellent cleaning performance. The model CA75 S is used wherever a good capacity to remove stubborn residue is requested.
Stability and sturdiness mean safe operation.
  CA40/40 SEA CA75/75 SEA
Power supply (V/Hz) 400/50-60 400/50-60
Power (Kw) 2,9 5,5
Suction vacuum (kPa/psi) 3200-320-32/4,64 3200-320-32/4,64
Total tank capacity (l/gal) 100/26,4 100/26,4


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